A clever solution for elegent homes


A clever solution for elegent homes

Introducing Jexis

Home buyers and renovators want their home to be elegant, trendy, functional and uncluttered by messy and difficult to use handle fittings. The Jexis is a simple design solution, fitted neatly to the hidden edge of the door and press-release operated. It is quiet, functional and works as if by magic.

The Jexis Cavity Release is ideal for wheelchair users as it allows for the maximum door width with the added benefit of a hand or arm push. Those with dexterity issues will find using a push motion more comfortable and easier to use than traditional cavity pulls.

NB: Cavity Slider, Pocket Door and In Wall Slider are all terms used for the same type of product in different countries.

Jexis is the new and unique way of opening a cavity slider or Pocket Door.

Quiet running and easy installation

Performance tested to exceed the lifetime of the home

Made from durable engineered glass-filled nylon

Maintenance free (fit and forget)

Easy to open doors

The ideal solution for wheelchair users and those with dexterity difficulties

Ability to have cavity sliders sit flush with the door jamb

Clutter free door edge

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