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The Jexis Cavity Release is the perfect solution for accessible housing design. Opening a swinging door is no easy task from a wheelchair. A cavity slider fitted with the Jexis makes opening the door easy and hassle free you just push to open and close with the flush pull on the side of the door.

Those with hand dexterity problems

If you have difficulty fiddling with small latches

Using a finger pull to get the door out of the pocket

With the Jexis fitted a push with the hand or elbow and the door just pops out of the pocket.

Mobility and accessibility is a must, traditional accessible cavity sliders need to sit outside the pocket in order for the handle to be accessed. With the Jexis you can have all the benefits of a cavity slider with the advantage of utilizing the full door opening, achieving a greater accessibility and ease of use.

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How the Jexis has helped her family.

My husband and I use wheelchairs for our everyday mobility. We recently renovated our house and installed 3 cavity sliders for ease of access and to save space. Opening a door out in front of you is difficult in a wheelchair as with closing them. With the cavity sliders installed it is easier for the whole family to use, including kids. There is no door slamming and the doors cannot rub up against the walls, again creating that space. It is a nice clean finish to our newly renovated home as the door shuts itself off into the wall when open and when closed it almost seems to be part of the wall as it is painted the same colour.

The Jexis Cavity release is a great innovative mechanism. It allows the door of the cavity slider to go completely into the wall without any protruding. There are no outward facing handles on the door to prevent this. The real advantage of the Jexis for us is that you just need to push on the edge of the sliding door and it releases from an open position enough to access the flush pull on the side of the door to slide the door across.

This is extremely beneficial for my husband who is a quadriplegic and has limited hand function. We have a standard cavity slider installed in our beach house but this does not have the Jexis and we have found it very difficult and heavy to close because of the weight of the door. We will be installing the Jexis in that house too! I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to install a cavity slider. They have proved extremely practical and cost effective from our perspective.”

Tiffiney Perry and Chris Harvey

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