Home Testimonials


The purpose of the Jexis is for the user to be able to close the door with ease. This is achieved by pressing against the edge of the sliding door so that it opens sufficiently enough to access the flush pull on the side of the door to slide the door across. Here are some comments from people who have installed the Jexis in their homes.

“Cambridge Homes design a lot of cavity sliders into our homes and have had a great response from our clients about the Jexis Door Release. We install them in all our cavity sliders and it is a point of difference for the quality homes we build. The product leaves a clean edge to the front of the door, is easy to operate in fact it is fun to operate. Congratulations to Graeme for coming up with this marvelous product, definitely a winner.”

Peter Santner
Director of Cambridge Homes
“The Jexis is amazing. I bought one for my business, and after using it only for a few days bought 4 more so we could have one on all our pocket doors. They always work perfectly – and save the time and hassle of having to use a door edge pull instead. When we recently put a pocket door in our home – I of course ordered one for that as well. I can’t imagine any pocket door without one.”

M. A.
Irvine, CA
“I recently added the jexis to my pocket door. Installation is easy. Just don’t drill through the side of the door. The door pops out two or three inches. That makes it easy to grasp the door and pull it closed. No more fooling with that pull in the handle. Thanks again for your great service.”

B. G.
Orange, CA
““Building a house has been one of the most exciting things I have done in my life. One exciting feature of our new home are the cavity sliders. The Jexis door sits flush when open, and when you want it closed, you simply push the door which is quick and easy. The precision and effectiveness of this product is a perfect fit for our home.””

Sarah Walker
World champion BMX rider and Olympic Silver Medallist,